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The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy

The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy - Bill Simmons, Malcolm Gladwell This is probably the best sports book I've read. Well, let's qualify that (and it's not like I've read a lot of sports books anyway): it is the best sports book I have read about a whole sport. I would argue that there as good or perhaps even better books about particular moments. But anyway: he has loads of interesting ideas about how we really should understand who we choose to celebrate. I like his stressing of the importance of situation/context. The sense of humour keeps it from getting tiresome (what hockey book would be this funny? Hockey people take things way too seriously to ever be this funny about their sport). It is extremely informative. I have learned more than I could ever imagine about basketball. The biggest issue I have with it is probably the size of the pyramid. I think limiting any hall of fame at 100 people is beyond ridiculous. The longer the sport exists, the bigger the hall of fame should be. That is a no brainer. But aside from that, I agree with most of what he says (though his defence of the 86 Celtics smacks most of him being a homer) and I was thoroughly entertained. Essential for all basketball fans, me thinks.