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The Belief in a Just World: A Fundamental Delusion
Melvin Lerner

The Stories of John Cheever

The Stories of John Cheever - John Cheever Cheever is a good story teller but I'm not sure that he's a great one. Too often he spells things out at the end that the reader had already figured out. In his best stories he doesn't do this. He also has some strange left turns that I don't always get. Finally, even though much of this was probably "progressive" back in the day, some of this is quite sexist. Here goes: “Goodbye My Brother” [7], “The Common Day” [8], “The Enormous Radio” [8], “O City of Broken Dreams” [7], “The Hartleys” [8]; “The Sutton Place Story” [8], “The Summer Farmer” [9], “Torch Song” [6], “The Pot of Gold” [9], “Clancy in the Tower of Babel” [8], “Christmas is a Sad Season for the Poor” [7], “The Season of Divorce” [8], “The Chaste Clarissa” [8], “The Cure” [8], “The Superintendent” [9], “The Children” [7], “The Sorrows of Gin” [9], “O Youth and Beauty!” [7], “The Day the Pig Fell into the Well” [9], “The Five-Forty-Eight” [9], “Just One More Time” [7], “The Housebreaker on Shady Hill” [9], “The Bus to St. James's" [8], “The Worm in the Apple” [9], “The Trouble of Marcie Flint” [9], “The Bella Lingua” [8], “The Wrysons” [8], “The Country Husband” [9], “The Duchess” [8], “The Scarlet Moving Van” [8], “Just Tell Me Who it Was” [9], “Brimmer” [8], “The Golden Age” [7], “The Lowboy” [8], “The Music Teacher” [10], “A Woman without a Country” [8], “The Death of Justina” [9], “Clementina” [8], “Boy in Rome” [7], “A Miscellany of Characters that Will Not Appear” [5], “The Chimera” [7], “The Seaside Houses” [8], “The Angel of the Bridge” [7], “The Brigadier and the Golf Widow” [8], “A Vision of the World” [7], “Reunion” [7], “An Educated American Woman” [6], “Metamorphoses” [8], “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin” [7], “Montraldo” [8], “The Ocean” [6], “Marito in Citta” [7], “The Geometry of Love” [7], “The Swimmer” [10], “The World of Apples” [8], “Another Story” [8], “Percy” [9], “The Fourth Alarm” [7], “Artemis, the Honest Well Digger” [9], “Three Stories: I [6], II [7], III [5],” “The Jewels of the Cabots” [9]