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The complete encyclopedia of beer

The Complete Encyclopedia of Beer - Berry Verhoef I don't know why this guy couldn't find a group of tasters to help him out. It is obvious he hasn't tried a number of the beers in the book. But all he needed to do was find a few friends and share some of the risks/rewards. Serioosly, is that so hard? I know I would never endeavour to write a "complete" book about beer, but if I did, I would enlist certain people I know for help (regardless of our differences in opinion). He also leaves out major beers from countries like India, Japan, China, and especially the United States and Canada. Though this is supposedly an updated version of the book, he clearly missed the changes that have occurred in the US and Canada in those ten years. It also needs a better editor. His comments are inconsistent about certain types and styles and flavours. There is nothing complete about this book.