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The Belief in a Just World: A Fundamental Delusion
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The Winter of Our Discontent (Penguin Classics)

The Winter of Our Discontent - John Steinbeck, Susan Shillinglaw I want to love this novel. There are some really neat things about it, like how he hints at the climax so slowly and deliberately and then he completely undercuts its. I like how you don't always know what the narrator is thinking. I like how he switches up narrators. Lots of stuff. But I don't know that I can entirely buy the narrator's descent as he seems way to chipper and frivolous most of the time to contemplate (let alone go through with) anything as serious as his final act. I just don't buy the ending, I don't feel like it follows from the rest of the book. Maybe I missed something. I guess it has something to do with the oblique style that I otherwise quite enjoyed. This might have worked better if it were just about the thing that doesn't happen, instead of attempting to be some kind of critique of America.