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The Belief in a Just World: A Fundamental Delusion
Melvin Lerner

One Hundred Years of Solitude (P.S.)

One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel García Márquez “No One Writes to the Colonel” (1961) [8]; Big Mama's Funeral (1962): “Tuesday Siesta” (1968) [8]; “One of These Days” [9]; “There are No Thieves in This Town” [8]; “Balthazar's Marvelous Afternoon” [9]; “Montiel's Widow” [8]; “One Day After Sunday” [9]; “Artificial Roses” [7]; “Big Mama's Funeral” [8]. These stories are less polished than "Strange Pilgrims," but they're from a much earlier part of this career. It seems that the Colonel story is separate entity while "Big Mama's Funeral" is a mini-Winesburg, Ohio type of thing. Either way they are mostly great.