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The Belief in a Just World: A Fundamental Delusion
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Go Down, Moses

Go Down, Moses - William Faulkner Though this is clearly more than just an arbitrary collection of short stories, I don't see it as a novel. It's like Weinsburg, OH, you know? "Was" [8]; "The Fire and the Hearth" [9]: this is one of the best in here; "Pantaloon in Black" [8]; "The Old People" [8] and one would think essential to understanding of the next story: "The Bear" [7]: this is supposedly the most famous and acclaimed story of the collection but I was let down by it. Parts 1-3 are fantastic. By themselves they are hands down the best story in the collection. But then chapter 4 feels like it's from an altogether different work and it completely destroys the flow of the story (intentionally?). "Delta Autumn" [8]: this feels like the real, proper ending of "The Bear" if it does indeed have to be as long as it is, instead of the 3 chapters it should have been, grrr. "Go Down, Moses" [9]: with the second story, the candidate for best in the collection.