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The Belief in a Just World: A Fundamental Delusion
Melvin Lerner


Comedians - Arthur Grace I don't get why Theroux doesn't like this one, and its odd for a guy who doesn't really seem to like a book to write the intro. Oh well. This is great stuff. It's full of Greene's typical insights into human nature and into the European ex-pat “predicament,” we might call it. The perspective of the foreigner in Haiti doesn't diminish the effect of the novel, nor does the lack of focus on the rebels. This seems to me more about stateless drifters than it is about resistance to a dictator. It's also far funnier than Theroux suggests. Almost as funny as Our Man in Havana. Definitely up there amongst his better novels. And despite what I personally feel about faith, and communism/Catholicism in particular, the ending is great. It's so odd that the intro is so unenthusiastic. If you do happen to get this version with the Theroux intro, don't bother reading it.