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The Belief in a Just World: A Fundamental Delusion
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Not worth buying but worth reading

Do the Work - Steven Pressfield

If you struggle with completing things on time, or completing things at all, this is a book for you. (When I say things, I mean creative endeavours.) However, you really only need to read The War of Art.  This book is helpful to me, but it's also a crock. It's 100 pages in the hardcover form, but that's only because of the formatting. It's probably somewhere between 50-66 pages if we're being charitable. If not, it's even less. Sure, some of that formatting is to an artistic purpose - to emphasize the words - but it's also to diguise that this isn't anything more than an article hiding as a book. Frankly it should be available for free online, perhaps as a way of convincing you to buy The War of Art (which you should read and probably buy if you are a struggling writer).

I would highly recommend getting this from the library if you do indeed want to read more of Pressfield's very astute assessment of how to write. But don't buy it.