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The Belief in a Just World: A Fundamental Delusion
Melvin Lerner
Democracy's Dilemma: Environment, Social Equity, and the Global Economy - Robert C. Paehlke

This is a pretty excellent summary of the issues facing us human beings when globalization is only thought of in economic terms. Paehlke's strength is that he is moderate; too often we hear either "Globalization is evil" or "Globalization is great" and obviously neither is true. Paehlke approaches the subject from a perspective that is normally fairly anti-Globalization so this is too his credit. His remarks are well taken until the last few chapters. There, though he tries to be practical, he gets a little utopian. I think some of his hopes for productivity are not just humanly impossible (in the sense that us humans cannot control ourselves enough to distribute work time like this) but also likely physically impossible (are current apparent abundance in the West is not something we should assume is likely to last very long). But that caveat aside, this is as astute an assessment of the dilemma of the average citizen in this "globalized" world as I have read.