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Barren Ground

Barren Ground - Ellen Glasgow You know, I can appreciate that a strong female protagonist may have been a rarity when she published this book. I understand how this could be important in that regard. But it's so damn dull. I mean, is this really the standard we want for "great literature" from the 20s? How is it that this book is on multiple best of lists? It's inconceivable. She gets hurt, so she becomes successful. Wow. Amazing. Nothing else to say? The pacing is very odd, too. I mean, at the beginning, it's like it's a hourly account of her life. Then it speeds up. Then it speeds up some more. By the third part we're jumping years in between chapters with absolutely no real explanation except for the obvious desire of the author to tell the story of the character's life, instead of the story of the formative event in the character's life (of which it seems the first and part of the second part are about). I don't really see myself picking up another Glasgow book after this one.