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The Belief in a Just World: A Fundamental Delusion
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The Watchmen

The Watchmen - John Altman The best comic I have ever read, but I haven't read many comics (take that as you will). But there are problems, problems that seem unnecessary. Here's one: the Comedian is born in 1924 but in 1939 he is already joining a superhero group and in 1940 he is assaulting female superheros. The man doing this is drawn as if he were 35 years old. Is the artist just unable to draw teens? I think it's unreasonable to claim a 15 year old capable of being a man (i.e. fighting crime by kicking ass). Same thing with Osterman, when he's drawn as a 16 year old he looks 30ish. Yes, I'm nitpicking but I can't see why that isn't easily fixable. Dr. Manhattan gets a little tangled in what he can and can't see/do as well. There's always a risk when writing characters who are near-gods. I love most of it, though.