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The Belief in a Just World: A Fundamental Delusion
Melvin Lerner
The Life of Graham Greene, Vol. 1: 1904-1939 - Norman Sherry

Sherry's biography of the first 35 years of Greene's life is exhaustive, that is probably the thing to start with. If you are not a fan of Graham Greene, I cannot emphasize enough that you should not read this book. Though Greene had an incredible life, this biography is not meant for those who just want to know about his travels. Rather, this is for Greene obsessives. Even, a huge fan of Greene - he is probably my favourite English language author - was not thoroughly enough prepared for this. To fully appreciate it I would probably have to have read all his books. And so I can't really recommend this to most people or acclaim it as a truly great biography because the reader requires too much knowledge. That's not to put down Sherry's work; the whole thing is an incredible study of a person. Now I just have to find and read the other two volumes.